Sandy singing I wanna go hOOOoOoOoOoOme. From the texas episode!!!! Please!

sure thang

Dear god I haven’t photoshopped in almost a year and I feel so bad because I really loved it and making photosets really made me happy and ajsjdkasdjkasdkafa but school has made me so busy lately and I just don’t have time for anything, let alone making gifs (how do you even .gif, I forgot everything??) but I log onto here every day and seeing that my followers are still here really makes me happy and thanks for still rebbloging my posts, even if you’re not following me, thanks for everything y’all. Seeing your kind messages makes me smile. I am always here, open for your requests (that I’ll get to eventually) ♥♥

Hi! I added you to my SpongeBob SquarePants Tumblr blogs list. I hope you don’t mind! I just thought I would let you know.

that’s so sweet, thank you :)

I read recently that you're back in school, so whenever you get around to it. You think you could make a set of Squidward from Artist Unknown telling Spongebob(after he does the awesome marble sculpture) that real art takes more time thanks XD

of course! :)

crabwalkingelephant answered your post: How’s school going on for…

im out of school and lovin it :p haha

gahhh you’re lucky

supermime answered your post: How’s school going on for…

it just started and i’m ready to be done.. hope your experience is better

omg yeah pretty much, thanks, same to you!

Can you make a gif set of spongebob freaking out after plankton told him the krabby Patty's had too much sauce.

yeah ok sure I’m just way too busy with school right now you get me

Spongebob: Patrick, do you have any change?
Patrick: How much do you need?
Spongebob: How much is it?
Bus driver: Fifty cents.

Happy Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Cake! Happy Happy Birthday! Pin the tail on the seahorse!

Thank you :’)